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11 Jun kickbulk sneaker customer reviews
0 653
My friend received the package, he was satisfied and sent me photos and messages. Thanks, all friends!..
24 May Travis Scott X Nike Air Max 270 React ENG'Cactus Trails' CT2864-200 Kickbulk Customer reviews
0 669
A new friend, after receiving the package, he was very happy, he sent me a few pictures and a short video. Before ordering, he made a brief consultation, and then learned about the delivery situation. Obviously, my friend recognized and affirmed our products and services. ..
07 May Kickbulk Sneaker always win the long-term trust of friends with the best quality control and service
0 652
My friend has brought us a lot of orders over the past year. So I am very impressed with him. For the past two months, his packages have been stopped by customs, we had to resend a new package, and at the same time we changed the courier route. He was very patient and never emailed me to urge us.Try..
07 May I am very happy to be affirmed and recognized by my friend again
0 600
My friend keep bringing us orders. At the same time, we were once again recognized and recognized by my friend, and we were very happy. Of course, this also puts pressure on us to be happy, and we need to continue to take quality control and service seriously. ..
06 May kickbulk Air jordan 4 Fire red,reviews from a high school customer friend
0 694
My friend appears to be a high school student, maybe younger, who was my customer a year ago. But still like to ask about the status of the package, I know he believes me, just because of the eagerness to receive the package...
04 May LOUIS VUITTON X  AIR JORDAN 1 Kickbulk Sneaker Customer reviews
0 655
Due to traffic control because of the covid-19 pandemic, we had some parcels stuck in customs last month,not moved or any news yet until today. After communicating with the express company, we decided to resend a new package and choose another express route. Very lucky my friends waited 40 days and ..
03 May Kickbulk Air Jordan 6 BRITISH KHAKI Travis Scott Sneaker shoes reviews
0 807
When my friends send me pictures of him, I can clearly feel his joy and happiness. Thanks to all trusted friends, we do our best to provide the best quality and service...
02 May Kickbulk sneaker Customer feedback reviews
0 1079
It is very difficult to gain the trust of a friend, but through our efforts, there are some friends who are keeping an eye on us and do business with us often.Inside us, we often mention one word: quality control, if the quality is not good enough, if the quality is not the top in the market, we don..
06 Apr More and more friends request to use UPS, Kickbulk always strive to provide the best service
0 626
Recently, more and more friends are requesting to use UPS to send their packages. From our observations, most of the time UPS is indeed more efficient and the package is better protected.Although, UPS charges more than FedEx/DHL, but we always strive to provide higher service. So, we will consider m..
24 Mar Customer reviews LOUIS VUITTON X NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 LV Kickbulk Sneaker 2022
0 810
My friend received her favorite LOUIS VUITTON X NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 and she was very happy. She submitted a post on IG and @me, I saw the messages when i go online, very excited very happy! Because she is truly recognized us and very happy.Because she is a public post, I did not hide her IG account. S..
22 Mar Louis Vuitton x Air Force 1 Trainer Sneaker Kickbulk Customer reviews
0 825
The Louis Vuitton x Air Force 1 Trainer Sneaker is made to order and requires a one to two week wait to ship.Although this was our first deal, he still believed in us.My friend was very patient, he waited over a month for his package, and he still messaged me with grace. thank you very much!..
22 Mar Off-White x Nike Dunk and Air Jordan 6 UNC University Blue 2022 customer reviews
0 677
The happiest thing every day is to receive messages from friends. They said they received the package, were very satisfied, and were willing to continue working together.But because I have so much work, I can't share it all. ..
16 Mar Comment from a European customer Kickbulk Sneaker customer reviews
0 608
The efficiency of express delivery is good and bad, thank my friends for waiting patiently.We usually buy insurance for each package and choose a safer express route. If the package is lost, we will resend a new package. We will try our best to provide the best quality and service, and look forward ..
0 577
When some customers will send us a message after receiving the package, expressing their mood and giving their feedback, we are very happy. If there is something we don't do well enough, we try to change it. We will do our best to ship as soon as possible and package the package in good condition to..
24 Feb LOUIS VUITTON X NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 Kickbulk Sneaker customer reviews 2022
0 735
 When my friends receive his package, send me pictures of them and share their joy. This is very encouraging for us and thanks again my friends. ..
24 Feb Kickbulk Customer Reviews from North America
0 702
When FedEx is efficient, packages are usually delivered in about 2 weeks. And sometimes it takes 3 weeks or more. Thanks to my friends for their trust and affirmation...
18 Feb kickbulk sneaker customer reviews 2022
0 620
Usually we use DHL, FedEx, UPS for free shipping. Due to the complex operation of international logistics, DHL will cooperate with express companies in some countries. When the package arrives in a certain country, DHL does not completely complete the delivery by itself, and he may entrust a courier..
29 Dec The best review received in 2021 Kickbulk Sneaker shoes retail wholesale
0 795
This is the coolest one of the review photos we received in 2021. My friends shared their joy. With her consent, I need to show it. ..
29 Dec Always provide top quality and good service for you,kickbulk sneaker customer reviews
0 597
Kickbulk always provide top quality and good service for you!In addition to the uncontrollable express delivery efficiency,we always try our best to meet you!Worldwide Free Shipping! ..
28 Dec No need to apologize because of you ever doubted us
0 562
My friend, you don’t need to apologize for ever wondering whether our service is reliable.Almost all my friends once doubted us (except a few experienced friends) lolHowever, you all chose us with extraordinary wisdom and observation. In the end, the facts proved that our business was reliable and h..
27 Dec Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Taupe Haze' DB0732-200 Kickbulk Sneaker Customer reviews
0 620
A new friend sent me a message after receiving the package, and I was as happy as him. I asked him to take a few pictures of me, and he happily agreed. All my friends, happy new year 2022! ..
25 Dec Share the joy of receiving the package before Christmas Kickbulk Sneaker Customer reviews
0 613
We are sincerely happy that my friends can receive the packages in time before Christmas. We also express our apologies to those friends who were unable to receive the package before Christmas due to the delay in express delivery...
25 Dec Merry Chrismas! Happy New Year! All my friends!
0 805
Merry Christmas to all my friends! Happy New Year 2022!In the past year, we have gained the trust and affirmation of many friends, which makes us full of confidence in the future. This lets us know that on the right road, LOL~ ..
13 Dec Comment from a friend from Africa Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Alternate Think 16' 554724-121 Kickbulk sneaker reviews
0 769
Recently, we have successively received orders from African friends, which makes us very excited. This makes our vision no longer limited to some developed countries. Thank you my friends for your patience. Fortunately, although global aviation has not been stable in the past year, FedEx has sometim..
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