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12 Dec Air Jordan 1 High OG Solefly Friends & Family customer reviews best quality for you
0 760
To be trusted and definitely happy by friends, because it will bring more orders. Therefore, we earnestly do a good job in quality control. I admit that sometimes we are not perfect. But we do our best, even if we make mistakes, we will provide after-sales service...
10 Dec Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Black Cat' CU1110-010 Kickbulk sneaker customer reviews
0 725
This beautiful girl is very considerate and she knows we need some review pictures. She took two beautiful pictures and shared her joy. ..
0 725
We treat every customer with enthusiasm, even if you are not ready to place an order for the time being. You can request to view all pictures and videos. ..
08 Dec Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra Real Boost CP9654 Kickbulk Customer reviews
0 641
Friend from Europe shared with me the joy of receiving the package, which is the motivation for us to continue to work hard. We believe that we can win the trust of more friends. I hope that global flights will return to normal as soon as possible, and the time for parcel delivery will be greatly re..
0 642
The enthusiastic evaluation of a strange new friend, we feel the same happiness and joy. It doubles our confidence and at the same time makes our work more meaningful...
25 Nov ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 'INERTIA' FW2549 Kickbulk customer reviews
0 597
Thank you friends for your tolerance and understanding, as well as trust and patience. Sometimes we make mistakes in our busy work, and we send the wrong shoes to our friends. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the size. My friend forgave us, we did not lose anything, thank you very much!..
23 Nov About quality control pictures and video kickbulk sneaker service customer reviews Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Seafoam' CD0461-002
0 811
 Regarding quality control, after your order is paid, you can request to send you quality control pictures or videos before shipping. If you are not satisfied with the goods, you can request a replacement, or cancel the order and refund. ..
18 Nov About package delivery time Kickbulk Sneaker service free shipping
0 585
Normally, you will receive the package within 2-3 weeks. But sometimes the express delivery will be delayed, which may take more than 3 weeks. Sometimes, you may have waited for 2 weeks and still cannot check the logistics progress information on Fedex Express. Fedex website shows that they have not..
12 Nov This friend from Europe is very patient kickbulk sneaker customer reviews
0 514
This friend from Europe is very patient,hasn't asked anything passed more than three weeks. He received the package as soon as he sent the mail.My friends are very patient. If occasionally some friends will urge us, we understand very well. In fact, many times, we are as anxious as you. We hope that..
08 Nov ISHOD WAIR X MAGNUS WALKER X DUNK HIGH PRO SB 'URBAN OUTLAW' DH7683-100 Kickbulk Sneaker Customer reviews
0 485
Thanks to my friends, accumulating comments from friends is a very happy thing. We will insist on ensuring quality and service...
05 Nov Evaluation of a friend from North America Kickbulk Sneaker Quality Control customer reviews
0 556
 Hard work always pays off, and quality control and serious service can win the trust of friends. The reason may be simple, we will always stick to it, stick to it! Thanks, my friends! ..
04 Nov Affirmation from a distant friend Kickbulk Sneaker customer reivews
0 562
Thanks to the great Google, which allows us to receive most of the customers in the world. Language is no longer a problem. If we still don’t understand, we will rely on guesswork.^_^_^_^..
09 Oct I gained the trust of another friend today
0 765
Kickbulk is absolutely 100% reliable and true service. Free shipping worldwide, the highest quality. If you doubt us, it doesn't matter. We uploaded a large number of videos and pictures with kickbulk logo on some commonly used social applications to prove that we have a legitimate and reliable busi..
08 Oct Affirmation and comment from a new friend Kickbulk Sneaker shoes customer reviews OFF-WHITE X AIR FORCE 1 LOW 'UNIVERSITY GOLD' DD1876-700
0 701
This new friend sended me a long message, I am very happy and thank him! Yes, it is not easy to find a merchant with top quality products and sincere service. Therefore, I also understand some friends who do not believe us. If you find us, please stick to our friendship and build long-term trust wit..
08 Oct Regarding the extra cost in remote areas, share some short stories about kickbulk
0 658
By default, we free shipping worldwide, using Fedex/DHL/UPS. However, if Fedex/DHL delineates your area as a remote area, they will charge an additional $40 fee. And this additional $40 fee, you need to pay for it yourself.When Fedex/DHL reports to us that your area is a remote area, we will usually..
08 Oct Speak with facts, our service is authentic and reliable,Share some short stories about kickbulk
0 652
From the chat history, this friend contacted me 6 months ago. He is very smart and has his own set of methods. After 6 months of observation, he finally made up his mind to order 2 pairs from us. However, due to the unstable efficiency of DHL, their website sometimes did not update any logistics pro..
01 Oct Air Jordan 1 University Blue Kickbulk customer reviews 2021
0 784
It's great, we have got the affirmation of a new partner, and hope this is a good start. Because of the youthful breath, the refreshing faint blue,this university blue Air Jordan 1 has been popular for the past 6 months...
01 Oct Best quality & service Travis Scott x Fragment x  Air Jordan 1 high kickbulk customer reviews reddit
0 882
One thing that has always made us proud is that we have some customers who have high evaluation and positioning for our products and services. This brother from Europe has placed a total of about 5 orders in the past 10 months, and he said want to continue placing orders. He is obviously a lover of ..
28 Sep The good quality and service get nice reviews from customer kickbulk sneaker reddit
0 794
Quality and service are our pursuit, because in this multinational business, reputation is our way of survival. Without credibility, the work we do will be worthless. So, believe us, even if we make a mistake, it is an accident and we will change immediately!..
26 Sep Maison Chateau Rouge X Air Jordan 1 Mid SE 'Fearless' CU2803-200 Kickbulk customer reviews 100% reliabel service reddit
0 852
 I am very happy that our customers are located in dozens of countries all over the world. We are very excited to receive feedback from every customer. This beauty is patient and very friendly. We like customers like this. ..
25 Sep Our free shipping express delivery service kickbulk sneaker customer reviews
0 769
Sometimes we will try the services of different courier companies, we will choose between Fedex, DHL, UPS. However, the efficiency between them is also not stable, sometimes this one is fast, sometimes that one is fast. At the same time, we sometimes listen to the suggestions of express agencies and..
23 Sep Kickbulk best service for you my friends
0 740
I'm very sorry, my partner made a mistake. His work was not good enough and the quality control was not perfect enough. He sent a pair of defective shoes. There is no reason, we must resend a pair to win the trust of our friends! Although this is a money-losing business...
23 Sep This brother wants to place some more orders kickbulk customer reviews
0 1043
This pair of shoes has a bright appearance and obvious artistic creativity, but I don't know why this brother said that. Obviously he likes it, haha! He wants to place more orders, but obviously there will be no discounts. Maybe you need the next big package, we can consider giving a coupon, 4 pairs..
08 Sep Comment from an experienced customer kickbulk reviews
0 715
 Although it is the first transaction, I know he is an experienced customer. However, he was worried that we were not shipping in double boxs, and when confirmed, he believed us.All packages have two cartons, the inner layer is the original sneaker  packaging box, and the outer layer is express parc..
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