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04 Sep Received a comment from an enthusiastic brother kickbulk sneaker
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This brother is very caring. After receiving the shoes, he took a few short videos for me. I need to show off. ..
03 Sep Balenciaga Track 2 Sneaker Chameleon Kickbulk Customer reviews
0 843
Recently, although our business is growing, we have received few comments. It may be that our service is not good enough. This made me very worried, so my colleagues and I spent a few days discussing this issue. I received a picture of this beauty today, offered a photo of her beautiful dog and the ..
26 Aug Customer Reviews of KickBulk Sneaker August 2021
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Thank you for your big order and evaluation. Although we may not be able to satisfy 100% of our customers, our goal is to satisfy 99.9% of our customers. We will record all the problems encountered during the business process and strive to improve them...
12 Aug Received comments from a enthusiastic friend KickBulk Sneaker Customer Reviews
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Yes, I received comment from an enthusiastic friend. This may be more pleasant than receiving a new order, and maybe there is nothing better than this...
10 Aug About delivery time KickBulk Sneaker customer reviews
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For more than a year, global flights have been very unstable due to the impact of the covid-19 epidemic. Normally, you need to wait 2-3 weeks to receive the package. If you are lucky, 10 days will be fine. If you are not lucky, it sometimes takes about 3 weeks .sometimes even 4 weeks. Of course, thi..
09 Aug Customer Reviews of KickBulk Sneaker
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This friend placed a big order, and we packed it in big parcels so that he would not waste time receiving many parcels. I am always happy to receive comments from my friends...
08 Aug About the efficiency of express delivery
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Due to the impact of the epidemic, global flights are not stable. Sometimes parcels sent at the same time,some will be received sooner, about 10 days, and some will arrive a few days later. So please be patient...
0 729
Thank you friends for your trust and affirmation, we provide most sizes, but sometimes US SIZE:13=EUR 47.5 may not be stable in stock...
25 Jul Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Horizon Green BQ6817-300 KickBulk Sneaker reviews
0 849
Thanks to honest friends, yes, our quality has always been the top. Moreover, our service is also the best. Choose us and you will not be disappointed!..
24 Jul The service of Kickbulk Sneaker after-sale
0 798
Sometimes luck is not good enough, and the package will be detained by the customs for various reasons. Our service purpose is to prevent the customer from suffering losses, so we resend a pair.Under normal circumstances, our courier companies provide free customs clearance for customers including E..
22 Jul About after-sales service of Kickbulk
0 751
sometimes because of busy work, we will inevitably make mistakes in our work. Fortunately, high-quality customers and friends can always understand us, let us make some compensation to obtain forgiveness. ..
14 Jul Les Twins X Air Jordan 1 KickBulk Customer Reviews
0 1186
Thanks to my friends for patronage and support. Thank you for your feedback. We aim to win the trust of our customers...
0 869
Thank you, some of our enthusiastic customers, for taking some photos for us, sharing his happy and affirmation for us...
06 Jul Feel the happiness from my friend
0 838
Making money is happy, and receiving happy messages from my friends is double happiness. Thank you friends for your trust and patronage. ..
0 906
We have always believed that trust is the most precious. So every customer sends us a message, we are very excited. If you have any questions, you can ask customer service, we will always communicate frankly...
28 Jun Ensure quality, maintain trust
0 847
Thank you my friend, thank you for waiting patiently, we will work hard to provide stable service to gain your trust...
07 Jun My friend, thank you for your trusted and support!
0 783
Thank you friends for your support and trust. Some friends have placed orders for us many times. It may be difficult to establish trust for the first time, and some friends will feel unhappy because of the delay of express delivery. We can all understand, and we will continue to serve seriously...
28 May Air Jordan 6 Reflections of a Champion customer reviews
0 885
In the past few months, I have successfully requested many customers to register as new PayPal users. Perhaps, among global payments, PayPal looks more convenient at the moment? I don’t know, what can you recommend for payment?my fridens! ..
0 950
Thank you brave friends for choosing us when we do not know each other. When you choose us again, we will cherish it even more...
20 May Air Jordan 1 Retro High SB 'NYC To Paris' kickbulk customer reviews
0 1043
When the express delivery efficiency is high, my friends are very satisfied. Because the quality of our shoes is the top and the best...
20 May Express delivery is now very efficient kickbulk reviews
0 1184
When we took the shoes out to shoot the video, we accidentally soiled his shoelaces. I'm very sorry.Seeing his message to me, he didn't mean to blame me, thank you! my friend. ..
15 May Good quality and service get good reviews Kickbulk sneaker
0 984
Our quality control is serious. Every pair of shoes sent out is carefully inspected. If there are some not good details, we will give up it. In recent weeks, the efficiency of express delivery has become unstable. Some are normal and received in about 10 days. Some are not lucky and may take more th..
13 May Air Jordan 4 university Blue and off-white Sail Customer reviews of Kickbulk sneaker
0 1059
A complete transaction process, thank you my patient and friendly friend.When customer happily send us a message after receiving the shoes, we enjoyed it very much. If you need a timely reply, please through our wahtsAPP: +85251053285..
05 May Kickbulk's customer reivews of Air Jordan 1 University Blue  from Europe
0 984
Well, the waiting process is always very long, but the patience and support of this European friend are very much appreciated! We will always keep an eye on the efficiency of express delivery companies, and try to select express delivery companies that have performed well recently...
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